Thursday, 13 November 2008

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross nominated for British Comedy Awards

My comment relates to this Guardian article.

Guess what, folks? Ross and Brand haven't just been nominated - they're going to win their respective categories. Why do I think this? Because I reckon their fellow comedy performers will use the vote to send a big "fuck off" signal to everyone involved in the hysterical witch hunt of the other week. And rightly so, in my view.

By the way, toongimp, I don't think you can paint the hysteria as exclusively right-wing. Sure, the Mail and the Sun jumped on the "scandal", but there were plenty on Cif calling for Ross and Brand's heads. A clear majority, even. All of whom should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and their lack of a sense of proportion.


Karen said...

The Daily Mail today ran another "get Brand" story with the headline "Has he NO shame? How America gets the Brand treatment, with a boast on how he gets women pregnant". I could just imagine journalist Liz Thomas (who wrote the piece) firing off the fodder for the biggest knee jerk ever.

Strawsonian said...

I was right about Brand winning an award - for Best Live Stand-up Performer as it transpired. Ross didn't get anything, but Brand did dedicate his award to his exiled mucker. Poignant, non?